The Hijinx Way

Hi Jinx is a small, family run, independent specialty toy shop. Our owner, Sonja, established Hi Jinx in 2005 while still a practicing Registered Speech Language Pathologist and mother of two young boys. 

Her energy spilled over into the toy shop and the staff.

As a professional trained in typical and atypical child development, Sonja brings her expertise to the business when choosing products and offers a tailored service to individual customers looking for advice.  Encouraging every child to grow and thrive is extremely important to Sonja and her staff.We strongly believe that toys should have genuine play value.  Toys should create opportunities for hours and hours of open-ended, imaginative play.  Many of our toys are made to be kept in the family and passed down through generations, to treasure and play with again and again.The highest standards of production are priorities for us.  We are choosing manufacturers that are proud of their efforts to use sustainable, recycled or natural materials as much as for their quality.  Ethically produced products are very important too, so we actively pursue companies with a high level of social responsibility and fairness. Finding a cool toy with just your pocket money is very important too! We know many little visitors to our off-the-beaten-track toy shop come with their pockets full of change, so we always have a selectionof pick-up items especially for you!

For those who are new to our store, welcome! For those whom we've met before, thank you for your continued support!

We could all do with a little Hijinx!